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Sundew Information

Sundews occur in boggy areas around the world. They are beautiful little plants, often tinged with red, and covered with a sticky glue that glistens in the sunlight like dewdrops! They exude a sweet-smelling nectar, which attracts gnats, fruit-flies, and other small insects. Once they have captured their prey, they absorb and digest it's body fluids. Many sundews are self-pollinating, so that when they bloom and seed out, there will be a carpet of new plants around them. Their pot should be set in a bowl or dish of water and placed in a very sunny location.  They need acidic water; rainwater is the best, or you can use distilled water and add a little vinegar to make it acidic.  Do not use tapwater or bottled water because of the additives.

In the wild the dew falls on them every day, so if it is dry in your house, you might need to spray-mist the plant frequently to keep the glue sticky.

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