About Fly-Trap Farm

About Fly-Trap Farm





Fly-Trap Farm is a family-owned business located in SE North Carolina since 1999. 

In our greenhouses we raise Flytraps, Sundews, Butterworts, Pitcher Plants, and Sensitive Plants

We ship quality plants to museums, gift shops, aquariums, conservatories, theme parks, hardware and grocery stores, and also to collectors and individuals.

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Fly-Trap Farm ~ Growers of Carnivorous Plants

Fly-Trap Farm is located in southeastern North Carolina, home of the Venus Flytrap.  Flytraps are officially “species of concern”, they are not listed as ‘threatened’ or ‘endangered’; they will easily colonize any area available that is the proper habitat. The biggest threat to flytraps, as well as other carnivorous plants, is loss of habitat due to developments and golf courses.  

Our county is one of the fastest growing in North Carolina, and the number of golf courses has mushroomed from 17 to 46 courses in the last 10 years.  Golf courses often are built around wetland and lowland areas; even if they are not built right in the wetlands areas, the fertilizer and herbicides and pesticides do run off into the wetlands and kill all the carnivorous plants.

By State law, plants ‘go with the land’, and a landowner is not obligated to save any plant species.  North Carolina used to issue collecting permits to individuals to wild-collect carnivorous plants with proper permission from the land-owner, but it is now illegal for anyone to sell a wild-collected plant even if they own the land.  Many of these collectors were probably responsible for flytraps being as widespread as they are;  we have a 350,000 acre “Green Swamp” in our area, with many perfect habitat areas, and some of the collectors (known as ‘trappers’) have been ‘farming’ flytraps since the late 40’s and early 50’s.  Flytraps are easy to grow, and can be widely dispersed if the habitat is available, but the bulldozers keep marching through.

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