Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytraps are bog plants, growing in nutrient-deficient soils like peat moss or long-fibered sphagnum moss. Even though there is only one species, there is wide variation among plants. The typical plant is green, with a reddish-orange color on the inside of the mature trap.  Read more...



Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plants occur in many areas of the world in wet, boggy environments.  Usually they flower first before developing their pitchers or nectar, so that their pollinators won't be eaten before they can pollinate the plants!  Read more...



Sundew Plants

Sundews occur in boggy areas around the world.  They are beautiful little plants, often tinged with red, and covered with a sticky glue that glistens in the sunlight like dewdrops!  Read more...



Butterwort Plants

Butterworts capture and digest insects in a similar manner to sundews.  Their leaves have a greasy feel (like butter).  The flowers can be white, yellow, pink or purple.  Read more...



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